Bike Sekali! Karmila OK!

Karmila Purba – baik sekali!


The Indonesian response to ‘How are you?’ is – if all is well – ‘Baik sekali!’

‘Very good!’

One of the first Indonesians who helped me learn the language even had a joke to help, which was to have me say ‘Sepeda-sepeda!’ if she asked how I was doing.

Sepeda is the Indonesian word for’bike!’

Sepeda2 = baik2, very good indeed!

Anyway, that cutie on the bike up there, and below, is Karmila Purba.


Hasil gambar untuk karmila purba


She’s a young lady from Medan, in Sumatra, just 18, whose amazing feats of cycling on what’s called ‘tong setan,’ the ‘Devil Wheel,’ can be viewed here…

Inilah Aksi Tong Setan Karmila Purba yg Hebohkan Dunia … – YouTube


…and who has thereby projected a great image of her country, so much more positive than all those dorkish fanatic drips who hit the headlines here!

Terima kasih, Karmila – thank you!