A Moroccan, ‘Known To Police?’ Why Was He In Belgium?

Exactly how many of the evil Islamists involved in terror crimes recently had been ‘known to police?’

Brussels bomb suspect was Moroccan and ‘known to police’

How many of them were born in the countries they attacked?



That Moroccan scumbag, now burning in Hell, was not Belgian, but had been allowed  to live in the notorious area of Molenbeek, in Brussels.


He should not have been wandering freely around Belgium, if police had information to his discredit.

Nor should the truck-terror pigs in Berlin  (born in Tunisia) and Nice ( ditto) been free to perpetrate their heinous offences.

I’m sure you Brits can add a few more to the satanic list. Not least the ‘refugee’ vermin who attacked innocents at London Bridge.

It may, for the time being, remain tricky to deport sectarian traitors who are born in civilised countries, but those who are not, and who espouse treasonous ideologies  – or indeed have any anti-social blot on their records…

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Kicking Out The Grooming Pigs – Ten Years Hence?  

…. like the Pakistani pig STILL not deported from the UK despite being convicted in the grooming case several YEARS ago…

…should be EXPELLED!

What’s wrong with the West that its peoples tolerate leaders who won’t lift a finger on such a basic common-sense security measure?


Why do Western citizens elect and re-elect bleeding heart creeps?

We are told that some barbaric regimes refuse to accept their undesirables back.

Okay, stop all aid to those countries till they smarten up, and meantime….


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…cage those scheduled for deportation until deportation can be implemented.

Secure enclosures, bread and water, no tv, no phone, no pool, no pets…