Brits! Boycott Backstabbers! Sock It To Cyprus!

Further to our recent look at Britain’s back-stabbing Brussels ‘partners…’

As Macron & Merkel Stab Britain In The Back, Trump Stays True!

….it seems I omitted one important fact.

Not only did a majority of the EUSSR governments fail to support the UK at the UN last week, instead opting to take the cowards’ way out by abstaining…



…but one rotten ratbag regime voted AGAINST!


Such shameful behaviour should not go unpunished.


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But while you can take bets on Theresa May not having the guts to take reprisals against Cypriot treachery, there’s an easy way that everyday British people can impose their own sanctions.



I don’t have up-to-date figures but in October 2015 it was stated that the UK was Cyprus’s largest source of incoming tourism.

There are obviously ups and downs. but it’s very likely that remains true.

So as summer ( an all too brief phenomenon in the British Isles) begins to evanesce, and thoughts turn to the search for winter sunshine…


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Only Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Lithuania gave the support Britain had the right to expect and Hungary especially deserves your tourist cash.

But it’s not hot in Budapest in winter. Go there in summer!

If you need Christmas heat, how about Israel instead!