Iniquity Of Polygamy – Bandung Mayor’s ‘Men Only’ Plea!

Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil, a social media aficionado, told Idul Fitri masses gathering at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api stadium in the city that it was better for married men in Bandung to not commit polygamy.

In most civilised countries, polygamy is outlawed.

Here in Indonesia, however, there is official disapproval, but there’s no ban, and a quite a lot of backward men do indulge in it, notably Islamist fanatics.

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What I personally find most disgusting is not that some men are so over-sexed that they can’t be content with one wife…


….but that the law lets them get away with it – whilst making NO provision for similarly over-sexed women to enjoy reciprocal carnal indulgence.



If a man can have four wives, both justice and common sense surely require that a woman can have four husbands – both scenarios sound God-awful to me, but…

…well, fair’s fair, yeah?



Polyandry, of course, is NOT countenanced under any circumstances!

But Ridwan, whom we have met before in these columns…

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….does not try to argue the case against polygamy on the grounds that it is obviously iniquitous!

Mayor Ridwan Kamil

He is, you see, a 2018 West Java gubernatorial election hopeful – so he’s actually courting the votes of single males!

“I call on married men here to not commit polygamy. Please have pity for those men who have yet to find a partner in life,” said Ridwan..

What about women who are single?

Aaah, but perhaps Ridwan’s audience was segregated?

I suppose if all those single blokes do get hitched, the single Bandung chicks (who are generally very cute) will, by logical corollary, get snapped up.

But it seems superficial to preach against a social blight on such mundane, self-interested grounds.

Still, Ridwan DOES have a reputation for joking.