Defend Brexit – With Facts and Figures, For Now!

It is quite clear, to many of us, that defending the democratic decision of the British people to declare independence a year ago may require action of kinds which have not been seen in the United Kingdom since…when?


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The Seventeenth Century?

But cross that bridge when it’s time to do so.

Meantime, everybody in The Old Country must be armed with facts and figures….



…so that as the propaganda war by the BBC and all the other Enemies Within, in the rest of the rotten media as well as at Westminster and  reaches a crescendo, citizen patriots can effectively counter their Project Fear.

Hence I recommend all British readers to have a  read at the material published this month by The Bruges Group.

I’ll post it one section at a time, starting with this economic analysis.

Click here to read the article on the financial benefits of leaving the EU

Take a night off the telly and absorb!