CNN And Amanpour – An Inability To Offer Objectivity?

Just outa bed, and CNN is blaring out today’s diet of leftist hysteria, its deranged mix of how Russian subversion in Estonia ( which undoubtedly happened) and Russian ‘meddlng’ in the US election…


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…which, if it was Russia, surely was benevolent, revealing as it did the dirty tricks of the Democrat Party,

All this before brunch, and after I went to bed late last night, having been rivetted to CNN’s far-left Amnapour…



..focusing on a Pew poll which indicates a slump in esteem for the USA.

CNN is a stranger to truth, of course, as the latest Project Veritas revelation –

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”

– has confirmed.

But apart from the blatant BS which you can read all about in that link above, their disinclination to give both sides a hearing when they’re disparaging their own country’s government is another weapon of choice.

Of course Amanpour is not American –

Her father, Mahmoud Amanpour, is a Muslim from Iran; her mother, Patricia Hill, is a Christian from England

  – so its not her government she’s running down, but even so…

Her choice of guests last night was SO indicative of her relentless failure to grasp the principles of journalism.

First she had a some former Democrat Mayor of Nogales, Marco Lopez, slagging off the Supreme Court-approved travel ban, how it can’t be workable, yabbayabba…



Lopez must be one of Amanpour’s fave Democrats, it seems, because that photo shows him on one of her previous propaganda shows, at the start of the year.

Then the ghastly woman brought on a ‘New Yorker’  magazine bint named Robin Wright.


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That grumpy granny was equally negative about the President. “This America First policy has alienated countries…the West is increasingly looking to Angela Merkel as its conscience…”


Yeah, right!


I only hung on just in case Amanpour MIGHT, just might, allow a pro-Trump voice to be heard.



Surely CNN, even CNN, must want to make a pretence of hearing both sides?

Not last night. And today?

Heck, I’m going shopping – not a potato in the house!