Don’t Blame The Bard, Blame The Bad – Like Allyn Burrows!

“If you’re an arts institution and you want to create conversations, it’s going to come in all forms.”


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Burrows The Bad Buffoon


That was the response from Shakespeare & Company’s artistic director, Allyn Burrows, reported in The Guardian, to news of widespread  public outrage against the deliberate use of a Donald Trump look-alike in the role of Julius Caesar…


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….who, in the New York production as in The Bard’s original, gets brutally done to death.

That does not constitute ‘creating conversations!


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It clearly constitutes incitement to murder, which is deplorable, as is the imbecilic, irresponsible response of Burrows.

What is, however, also deplorable, are the utterly misguided threats and abuse faced by Shakespearean companies elsewhere.


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Unless they too are engaged, like their counterparts in The Big Apple, in propagating evil incitement, they no way deserve to be targetted.

Having spent some happy youthful years in Stratford, Ontario…


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…I enjoyed many Shakespearean plays there, and some years ago I took my offspring to a very good performance at a ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ in Scotland, on one of those long summer ( but chilly!) daylight evenings.

My point, as I catch up on June news?

It’s important to aim at the correct targets.

We don’t harass local thespian groups because of those ignorant leftists in NYC.

And we don’t regard all actors and actresses as the enemy just because of dorks like Johnny Depp and Katy Perry  –Empty Threat from Empty Head, Yet Bias Dogs Abbott   – and self-important shrills like Merle Streep…


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…and scum like Hanoi Jane Fonda.

We use our common sense and thus we have to be… DISCRIMINATING!  That’s something it’s good to be, by the way, despite the way the Left have made it pejorative!