Guardian Lies! On Marriage, “Germany” Will Get NO Vote!

This must be the most dishonest headline any of the left media have produced for years.

Germany to vote on same-sex marriage after Merkel drops opposition

The story beneath that headline makes it absolutely clear that the decision on the degradation of marriage will be made by a mere few hundred politicians in the Bundestag…

…as if their moral compass is somehow superior to that of everyday German people.

Germany will get NO vote at all, on this or any other issue, because Germany NEVER permits national referenda.

Only Eire, as far as I know, has allowed its citizens to vote on so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage.’

Oh, and Slovenia, where the people have more sense of right and wrong than Eire, since Slovenes rejected the ghastly proposal.

Victory – Kids Come First In Slovenia! 

Despite the Eire outcome, homos and their homophiliac allies fear genuinely democratic decision making on such matters.

We have seen how the mincing fraternity in Australia have thrown a collective tantrum at the prospect of a plebiscite there.

The Oz gaystapo have donned their pink jackboots…



…and used their financial clout and gangster tactics to intimidate decent Australians…

Gaystapo War Down Religious Liberty In Melbourne! 

…but even so, they STILL shrink from the risk of popular rejection.

And that’s odd, because, as the Guardian claims about Germans, polls seem to show that Australians are eager to exalt homo-menages into legal parity with real marriage.

It makes one think back to the polls carried out before the American election last year.

Gambar terkait

Were they just badly organised, or were their predictions calculated to achieve the result desired by the establishment?

Anyway, there’s still hope that the grim development ill not come to pass.

the Constitutional Court – the highest legal authority in the land – insists that “the unity of a man and a woman still belongs to the essential components of marriage.”

If the Constitutional Court were to reject a new law on same sex marriage, the Bundestag would need to vote on a change to the constitution, something that requires a two-thirds majority.

By the time such a ruling is made, if it IS made, the parliamentary election will have taken place…

….and one hopes a sizeable contingent of AfD members will be there in the Bundestag to fight for traditional German values.

They ought to be the beneficiaries, if Mama Stasi’s party, bizarrely still calling itself the ‘Christian Democrats,’ pays an electoral price for Merkel’s sell-out, for sure!.