1st July, Dominion Day- Canada’s Rebel Needs You!

A Happy Dominion of Canada Day!

How’s that for an ecumenical greeting, in view of the fact that Canada’s national day was called Dominion Day, until, for no apparent reason except dislike of tradition…

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… and by dubious legislative sleight of hand, it was changed to Canada Day in 1982.

But some up-to-date Canadian news to think about!

The Toronto Globe and Mail is as left-lib as it gets, apart from the tax-funded state broadcaster CBC, so I was interested to read its piece on the cowardly leftist vendetta against ‘The Rebel,’ which is one of the few news sources run by conservatives in Canada.

Advertisers bow to pressure to pull ads from The Rebel

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Fascist Left Targets Advertisers

The bold reds are hiding behind something called ‘Sleeping Giants, an anonymous group‘ – how come these creeps don’t identify themselves? – which has used social media to pressure brands such as 7-Eleven, Dynamite clothing stores, PetSmart, the Royal Canadian Mint, the NCAA, BMW Canada… to stop placing ads with patriot Ezra Levant’s publication.

To their shame, several advertisers have knuckled under to the yellow-bellied agitprop outfit, including the British Columbian ski resort Whistler Blackcomb.


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 Let’s turn the heat on that icy resort!


In calling for the boycott of Whistler, Mr. Levant has said the resort is rejecting The Rebel’s readers and viewers.

“Whistler-Blackcomb made it clear that the Rebel is simply ‘not their kind,’” he said in an e-mail. 


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Ezra Levant


One hopes everyone in that part of the world will join in the consequent boycott of the resort. Rebel boss Levant inimitably summed up the witch-hunt thus –

“All we have to go on here is the public virtue-signalling by a few junior Maoists bad-mouthing their own company’s customers as being politically unhygienic..


Of course Whistler Blackcomb should suffer, but a more significant company, Sears Canada, or at least its subsidiary, Corbeil Appliances, has shown its true PC colours by saying  its ads on The Rebel were an error.

 So let’s all treat Sears too as a leper business!

And PetSmart…and Hudson’s Bay…and General Motors Canada…and…wait for it…

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….the Royal Canadian Mint, which I always assumed was owned by tax-payers and should therefore not indulge in politically partisan discrimination.

Not so!

It IS owned by tax-payers, but…

“Once we were informed of this particular ad, we consulted our agency…


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Aquino – Telephone Number 613-993-9999

….which informed us that this placement was inconsistent with the established guidelines used on our behalf and took appropriate action,” director of affairs Christine Aquino said.

And the same with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp.

“We do our best to avoid advertising on any sites that could be viewed as extreme or offensive to our customers,” said Jennifer Gray, NSLC senior manager of communications.


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Jennifer ‘Values’ Gray –

tel: (902) 450-5966. Cell: (902) 483-0061.  –  jennifer.gray@mynslc.com.

“Our values act as a lens to guide our business decisions, and advertising on this site just did not align.”

Ottawa Tourism, also, received feedback from followers on social media.


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Jantine Van Kregten  media@ottawatourism.ca or 613-237-5150, ext. 116


“Tourism is supposed to make you feel good. … So we wanted to be in a positive space,” spokesperson Jantine Van Kregten said.


How inarticulate can a ‘media’ spokesman get?


More importantly, do decent conservative Canadians ‘feel good‘ about the ‘negative place,‘ which is how they must surely regard their capital city in view of such politically-motivated priggishness.

Canadians with conservative or nationalist opinions, like all other Canadians, have to fund, through taxes, these arrogant bureaucrats who apply political prejudice as to what constitutes acceptable ‘values.’



It’s shameful that allegedly apolitical public servants impose advertising sanctions against any media that dare reflect values ‘diverse’ from the left-liberal elite!

The Globe and Mail breathlessly tries to explain this sicko targetting of The Rebel by telling us that some elements of the site are more questionable.

Frankly, a lot of the stuff I have seen in the Globe and Mail over the years is MORE  than questionable!

I’ll bet plenty of Canadians feel the same. But I’m pretty damned sure the federal, provincial and city governments, and liquor boards, advertise therein!


So on this patriotic day, Canadians should rally round The Rebel, and how to do so can be found on the link below.


Keep The Rebel Fighting