Berlin Bitch Sinks To New Low: The Bullying Of Widow Kohl!

I wasn’t going to comment on Helmut Kohl’s death, but the scandalous dissing not only of the dead man’s wishes but of the dead man’s widow…



…should not pass without remark.

I quote from two sources generally hostile to my own positions, notably The Local – which I often call The Leftal –  and Deutsche Welle, one of the most notoriously liberal media in Europe.

.German media reported Wednesday that former German leader Helmut Kohl’s widow sought to stop Chancellor Angela Merkel from speaking at a ceremony in Strasbourg where Kohl will lie in state.

That’s from –


Orban, not Merkel, was supposed to speak at Kohl memorial: report

The widow relented only after being warned against creating a scandal…


DW hammers home the disgusting facts.

Helmut Kohl funeral plans nearly derailed after widow’s intervention

…Kohl’s political party, the Christian Democrats (CDU) narrowly escaped political embarrassment after his second wife, Maike Kohl-Richter, reportedly tried and failed to prevent his one-time protégé, Chancellor Angela Merkel from speaking at the statesman’s memorial service…



It’s probably unfair to female canines to call Merkel a bitch – you can’t blame dumb animals for not having anything that resembles a moral compass –  but that evil hag has surely sunk to a new low.

It’s quite clear from all the media, left, right and centre, Kohl’s wish to have his ‘life-long friend,’ Hungary’s patriot premier Viktor Orban, as a speaker at his funeral were quashed, because of Orban’s brave stand against Brussels on the crimmigrant quota issue.


The Euro-Commissars’ political prejudices should NOT have been allowed to obtrude into arrangements for Kohl’s burial – or anyone else’s!

Bad enough.



But then to impose Mama Stasi Merkel on the ceremony, having bullied the man’s widow into acquiescing to avoid a ‘scandal?

Kohl’s widow seemed to have only reluctantly agreed to have Chancellor Merkel speak at the memorial in Strasbourg after voicing her objection on the issue.