Calais Again? Put Those Lying Lawless Curs DOWN!

Riot police in Calais have stepped in to break up clashes between around 100 African migrants who were armed with sticks and stones…

Riot police break up fights between migrants in France .

…which can and do break bones! Only this month, an innocent Polish trucker was killed by deliberate crimmigrant action.

Eritrean Migrant Gang Bound for UK Face Manslaughter Charges

How long will the French people allow their government to act as some sort of umpire amidst these warring savages?

Is the rest of France blind, deaf, to the misery the scum inflict on what was once upon a time, not that long ago, a peaceful port city?

Hasil gambar untuk welcome to calais

Many Brits used to enjoy day trips there, to stock up on wines and beers at better prices than could be found in Blighty.


Hasil gambar untuk duty free shopping trips to calais

Not so much these days, I guess, though they’re still being advertised – do the day-trippers get armed with hand-guns as part of the package-deal?

But then Brits are under no obligation to risk the hazards of proximity to wild and barbarous brutes.



Pity the people born and raised there. 

Yet even in another British newspaper this weekend, one which often shows sense, we run across the mindless myopia, exposed in its inane headline… 

Revealed: Tragic existence of desperate migrants…

I’m not going to offer more quotes from that Daily Mail bleeding-heart bull-sh-t story.

There’s nothing tragic about those who are the authors of their own misfortunes.

None of those riotous primitives was frog-marched to Calais, none of them are prevented from applying for ‘asylum’ in France, any more than they were forced to sneak illegally into France from Italy, where they could have made similar application.

Well, that’s not quite true, is it?

There is something that prevents the scum from applying for ‘asylum.’

It’s the fact that they are NONE of them ‘refugees.’


They lost any chance of that when they started their country-shopping travels, proving thereby that it’s yummy goodies from tax-payers’ pockets that they seek, not somewhere safe to lay their ‘tragic‘ or is it ‘desperate‘ heads.

They’re not desperate, except to leech off the UK public purse!



France should give those riot police carte blanche to clean up Calais!

And BTW, although the rioters this time were reportedly Eritreans and Ethiopians, no way am I ‘racist’ in this matter.

The scum in the picture below, taken in Calais over eighteen months ago – – include not only alien phoney ‘refugees…’

  • Hasil gambar untuk cALAIS migrants riot

…but also white antifa red nazis, a polyglot horde of vermin indeed, terrorising the harbour there.



If the cops in Calais had shot the lot, I’d have seen no problem with that. I’m all for equal opportunity bullets.