Who Is This Trollope? A Gabbling Europhiliac Granny!

Not at my most dynamic, recovering from my Dominion Day night out, a good fin evening, chatted with some guys, met a very nice lady, had the best part of a gallon of Bintang…

Then when I surfaced today, my noontide was severely clouded by Pretty Boy Turdo on the news, celebrating Canada Day…


  • …by saying the country was no melting pot, in other words, any kind of primitive can waltz in without leaving backward, ‘diverse,’ barbaric values back where they came from.

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

Par for the Turdo course , of course

So after that I skipped the news, looking around for interesting bits and pieces.

Here you are, the best I found.

Nothing infuriated me more, in the long battle for Brexit, than comments made by Joanna Trollope in The Spectator last year. On a book-signing tour of Wales she expressed her astonishment that the people of the principality had voted for Brexit when Wales was supposedly a net beneficiary of EU largesse – otherwise known as taxpayers’ money extorted from British people to be dished out by Eurocrats as they see fit.

Why did I feel so insulted by her remarks?

Because she was suggesting that people should vote simply on the grounds of economic self-interest. I would, of course, dispute her claim that Wales benefits economically from EU membership, but, even if it did, I would argue that freedom and democracy are not commodities to be bought or traded in return for bribes purchased with taxpayers’ money.

That’s from this week’s Freedom Association bulletin, and I couldn’t agree more.

But I had to go to Google to find out who the heck that Trollope woman was!



Turns out she’s an opinionated old bat who writes ‘romantic fiction,’ which I never read so that’s why she was unknown to me.

But why on earth did the Spectator, or any part of the media, deem her views on Brexit any more worthy of mention than the views of the guy who cleans their toilets?

Or the lady who makes Spectator staff ‘s coffee?



I’ll get accused of sexism – shift those roles around, ladies can clean toilets, guys can make coffee!

But my point remains.  

‘Celebrities’ have as much right as anyone else to hold and express views on subjects on which they are not notably qualified to pronounce.



But there’s NO reason for the media to give their B-S any more prominence than the views of anyone else.

Incidentally, I have upgraded my otherwise low opinion of The Independent, after reading a review published therein of a Trollope ‘novel.’

If I was any one of the characters imprisoned in the murky jelly of this novel, I’d be straight on to the Adoption Agency, demanding to be re-settled with another creator. Joanna Trollope has a subject capable of making us weep at the tragedy and the loss, and yet what does she achieve? She so resolutely makes her characters emote to each other in a ghastly brand of unisex mush that I actually found myself blushing.