Brits! Tell Boris – No More Cash For Palestinian Terror!

This below comes from America and so the actual protest it sends goes to the US Government.

But British people, and anyone else whose government provides any sort of aid to the ‘Palestine Authority’ – can and should join in.

Previous pressure to stop this outrageous nonsense did get a response…

UK freezes $30m in Palestinian aid over salaries for terrorists

…but if you read that linked story…


…you’ll see that in fact ANY aid to ANY part of the Palestinian authorities needs to be regarded as a way for them to subsidise terrorism.

You can make your views known by emailing –



….telling Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, that no more money should reach that entity until their terrorist-funding ‘law’ is repealed.


One year ago Friday, 13-year-old American-Israeli Hallel Ariel was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist while she slept in her bed. He broke into her home and slit her throat.
Only two days earlier, a senior Palestinian leader sent the terrorist on his path by telling Palestinians: “Wherever you find an Israeli, slit his throat.”


Palestinian media named Hallel’s murderer a martyr, his mother said she was “proud” and called him “a hero” – and the Palestinian government pays her a reward every month for her son’s crime.
These payments are written into Palestinian law and they’ve created an incentive for Palestinians to MURDER Jews like 13-year-old Hallel.
We must use this sad anniversary to fight back and save any chance Israel has at peace.
Sign your name at to tell Washington: Demand the Palestinians stop paying terrorists.
The Palestinian government pays terrorist and their families more than $300 million a year – and the Palestinians receive about the same amount from the US every year in foreign aid. Murderers get a reward and your tax dollars are paying for it – including for the murder of Americans like Hallel.
She was just 13 years old. Hallel had her whole life ahead of her. She danced at a ballet recital the night before her murder. Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. May her memory forever be a blessing.
The Palestinian government stole Hallel’s future by making murder a cause for celebration and terror a means to a paycheck. They’re stealing any chance Israel has at peace by poisoning the minds of the Palestinian people.
For peace to be possible, these payments must be stopped. Our leaders in Washington have the power – they can withhold aid until the Palestinians stop paying terrorists.