Eradicating Jihadists? The Muddled Mind of Muppet Macron

Just watching France24, and heard Le Muppet, declaring his determination that the jihadists in North Africa be ‘eradicated.’

He didn’t specify how, but who would disagree, whether the deed is done by gun or bomb or the good old-fashioned guillotine?



So well said, sir!

But what about jihadist vermin in his very own France? Neither threat nor promise to eradicate those swine!

Nor dare Le Muppet even think thus, because…


…he’s a sycophantic Europhile!

And his Euro-Commissar masters (and mistresses!) FORBID the use of capital punishment in any province of their Evil Empire.

No matter if Macron were to have a sudden outbreak of consistency- he’s merely President of France!

No matter either if 90% –  or even 100%  – of the French people demanded that Islamist terrorists get what they deserve.


Brussels and Strasbourg say no and that’s that.

Supreme Leader/Liar Juncker has made that ABSOLUTELY clear!