Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!”

Some of my readers like my mildly combative approach, while others feel I go too far with my harsh epithets. But compared to a rabid leftist in the Guardian recently, Nick Cohen by name…

Nick Cohen

Pro-crimmigrant Cohen


…I feel as if I should stop pulling my verbal punches.

You can read his entire deranged rant here –   –

But I offer you some tasty samples of how he skips the issues to resort to personal abuse in his self-righteous tirade, on behalf of a creature loathed by patriots in every land..


Cohen is a little delusional, for he claims we resurgent nationalists across the Soros with supernatural power!

That’s just hogwash- I have never come across any conservative, nationalist or ‘populist’ (whatever that means) who credit Ole Malignant with any powers not bestown on him by his big bucks.



Many may use the word ‘satanic,’ but that refers to his objectives, not his powers.

Cohen then gets into snarling stride, any old pejorative will do, lumping Trump in with a ‘trawl of corrupt regimes,’  lashing out wildly at ‘the filthy wing of the right.’

But Cohen is VERY anxious about how good guys in the US Senate are trying to persuade the Trump administration to cut support for Soros’s campaign to promote democracy and human rights in eastern Europe.

Good luck to those senators, as we’ve said before!

 George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

The truth is that the governments confronting the Sorosoids are democratic.

In Poland, the patriotic Law and Justice Party government won the last election handily.

Their moves to free state media from left-liberal control, and to undo the defeated left-liberal party’s scheme to control courts too, have enraged Sorosoids – as well as the Soros acolytes in Brussels…



‘Over-Grown With Pricks?’ Brussels’ ‘Civil Society!’ Network! 


Hungary, where Viktor Orban’s party got a huge majority at the last election, recognises Soros’ evil more clearly than most, maybe because Soros originates from there. Hungarians are up for the fight, although others are organising too. Stop The Sorosoids? Here’s One Way! 

The mangy old rat scuttled out to the West, where he made his billions by interesting methods…

Soros Is Found Guilty in France On Charges of Insider Trading –


….which Cohen amazingly ( ! ) fails to mention.

We have looked at the Central European University and its overtly political –  – boss, some months ago.


 – Now It’s Hungary! Soros Subversives Exposed Again! 

So it’s a bit rich (like Soros?) for Cohen to quote claims from the ‘former Canadian Liberal party leader and former Observer columnist‘ (are those titles meant to impress us about his ‘non-political’ bona fides ?!) that he is running a university, not an opposition political party.

Oh yeah?

What are those CEU agitators after?

They started out as rallies aimed at protecting the Soros-founded Central European University targeted by new legislation, BUT NOW THE STAKES ARE HIGHER. It is still unlikely however that they will shake Orban’s rule. European University

Yet what makes Cohen’s immensely long hate-spiel more novel to read is his very candid declaration that his hatred transcends any need to keep arguments on a factual level.

True, he asserts that ‘lies have to be nailed.’


But playing the ball means playing the extremists’ game to some extent. You treat their arguments as worthy of debate. However wrong you show them to be, you acknowledge their point of view. 



So to hell with debate – back to the jackboot, comrades!

But if we actually read the very words Cohen quotes from Orbán –

“…the globalists and liberals, the power brokers sitting in their palaces with ivory towers” and “the swarm of media locusts…”

Behind them all stands the “transnational empire of George Soros, with its international heavy artillery and huge sums of money..”  

Heck, it sparkles with truth!

Yet Cohen uses these wise words to justify heading down, head-first, heedless of rational argument, into the gutter.

As the problems with Brexit mount, I also wonder whether English nationalists will be able to refrain from casting their opponents as enemies of the people and servants of the cosmopolitan EU.

Which is exactly what they are. Even some British media have admitted as much…

Hasil gambar untuk enemies of the people judges


…but if we dare say so, warn the people to beware of their enemies?

If it does happen here, it will not be enough to play the gentleman and play the ball. You will need to go in hard, with studs showing.