Jakarta – Cops Do Well Against Terror, But The Courts..?

Preoccupied with Canada on July 1st, I missed the fact it was also Indonesia’s Police Day.

And having over-celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday, I was not at my brightest and best on 2nd July!

However, the Jakarta Globe website has reminded me of the local cops, with an article about the increased terror threat, which, according to the author, is specifically targetting police officers.


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 Years of counterterrorism efforts have apparently led to a backlash, which may further increase the public’s distrust of police, a watchdog said on Saturday (01/07), after a series of attacks on officers.

The ‘watchdog,’ Indonesia Police Watch chairman Neta S. Pane, notes, correctly, that the Islamist savage who stabbed those cops represented the apparent third terrorist attack against police in the past six weeks.


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“Police are no longer authoritative and respected,” said Neta, calling Friday’s attack a “dark gift for Police Day.”

That may or may not be true, but Neta should at least applaud the excellent marksmanship of the officer who shot the swine dead!

The problem of ‘respect’ surely has a lot more possible explanations than that one mooted by Neta, viz.”..police being too aggressive in executing terrorists in field operations in recent years.


While we may find the words and deeds of some senior police officers problematic, to say the least…

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…the cops can hardly be faulted for taking out jihadist monsters.

Far from it, they’ve done rather well… 

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…to the inevitable chagrin of unwholesome elements!

The real issue, as we noted again recently, is that while the police can catch and cage terrorist vermin, the courts, when called upon to deliver justice…

…have NOT imposed a single death sentence on any terrorist since the Bali Bomb Pigs, years ago.

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So when Neta says that ‘it turns out that terrorists are not afraid, and have instead become highly determined to implement the principle of ‘nyawa dibayar nyawa’ [a life for a life],’ he is not entirely wrong.

The terrorists are confident that judges here will not put them down like the rabid dogs they are.



Instead it’s a few years, rarely if ever isolated from the rest of the prison population, some nice soft ‘deradicalisation’ courses to pass the time, and early release due to the failure of the authorities to exclude savages from remission schemes.

Instead, what would be nice to see is a simple policy instituted in all court-rooms.