Foul ISIS Apostate Crying To Come Home? Better To An Abattoir!

Here’s another evil apostate!


Nothing wrong with this apostate freak that a Kalashnikov couldn’t cure!


The word ‘apostate’ means renouncing or abandoning your religion, and anyone, Christian, Muslim or whatever, is ABSOLUTELY entitled to do so.

But what no man or woman may do is use a change of creed as an excuse to flout his or her first duty, allegiance to country!


IS recruiter Sally Jones ‘wants to return to Britain’ from Raqqa

Sky News reports that Jones – one of Islamic State’s top recruiters – has been “crying and wants to get back to Britain…”


The mangy slag scuttled off to help the ISIS rape-gang and, now that they face humiliating defeat, it takes to ‘crying?’


Better if the bitch were bleeding.

From bullet wounds.

Sky News got this story from a primitive bint named Aisha…

Sam Kiley interviewing 'Aisha'

Is ‘Aisha’ actually a woman? Or even human?


  • … who told her interviewer that she was not among the violent supporters of IS.

  • But when the Sky reporter mentioned that his adult daughter “has a boyfriend”, she said: “If she was my daughter I would cut her throat.”
  • The shrouded sow quickly added that she was ‘only joking.’

  • But normal human beings would not make jokes about that sort if thing, especially not in those circumstances.


  • In what possible way would the world be worse off without the toxic waste – aka Sally and Aisha- mentioned above.

  • =
  • The victorious Allies in the Middle East should take these scum out!