Ayam2 Jawa – Mogok? Java Chickens On Strike?

As it turns out, today is International Chocolate Day.

I don’t know anybody who DOESN’T like chocolate, but it’s not something I often eat, not much into sweets except for special occasions.


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Hence I buy it to serve my most favoured visitors, one of whom is dropping by today.

So, in its ice-cream form, Superindo’s finest es krem   coklat will be enjoyed later.

But I DO like eggs, friend, poached, boiled and in the omelette form…

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….sold in my local warteg as telur dadar jagung.

So when that warteg re-opened after Rhamadan, only yesterday, the proprietrix having brought some new young waitresses back from Tegal in Central Java, thither I hastened, there in search of eggy food.

Because when I went to Hero Supermarket on Wednesday, not ONE single egg was to be found on the usually full shelves.

I joked with the lady at the cashier that the hens must be on strike but she said it was just a slack delivery service.

Yet on entering the warteg yesterday…NO EGGS!

Couldn’t get any, Pak, was the plaintive lament.

What’s going on!?!

PS my bilingual headline may have misled local readers, because ayam   -chicken – does not only mean chicken.

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In slang usage, an ayam is a member of the oldest profession, professional or otherwise!