Disown Turdo’s Apology To Killer Khadr! Sign Here!

Pretty Boy Justin may think he’s Prime Minister of Turdostan…


…. but in the real world, inhabited by real Canadians, rage is escalating to levels rarely seen in the Dominion’s modern history.

We featured a petition earlier this week…



…and now there’s a letter for patriots to sign too.

No need for any further comment from me, just read and use the link to sign the letter.

Mr. Khadr,

We understand that Justin Trudeau is about to officially apologize to you on behalf of the government of Canada.  We also understand that you are about to receive $10 million dollars from the Canadian government. 

We, the undersigned, think you are a terrorist and murderer. You deserve no apology. 

That you call yourself a Canadian brings shame to us all. That you killed an American medic while a citizen of our country enrages us. 

We are signing this note to let you know that Justin Trudeau is not apologizing in our name.  We stand with the widow and the family of your victim,  Sergeant First Class Christopher James Speer.

May he rest in peace. 

Sign the letter:

 ….using this link –