Put Those ‘3million’ Upstarts In Their Place – OUT!

In an emailed statement, the3million called May’s offer “pathetic”, “unacceptable” and “short of expectations..”


When I read that, in EUObserver this month, I was puzzled.

Living here (in Indonesia) rather than there ( in The Old Country) it’s inevitable that I miss bits and pieces of the political scene, and the3million didn’t ring any bells.

So I had to investigate,  because the report only said that the3million was the organisation representing the EU citizens living in the UK…


All those hard-working Polish plumbers we keep hearing about, all the anti-social Roma from the Balkans, all the French restaurateurs, the Italian waiters, Spanish baristas…


Hasil gambar untuk lap dancers


…all those lovely Greek lap-dancers, and transient Bulgarian fruit-pickers?

All ‘EU citizens,’ indeed…but ‘REPRESENTED‘ by this oddly named outfit?

Did they all turn up in the Albert Hall and vote plenipotentiary powers to the clique that runs  the3million…


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authorising its activists to ‘represent’ them?

Or did they hold meetings for ‘EU citizens‘ in every significant town and city in the UK…


Hasil gambar untuk representation


…to ensure they all had a chance to vote for the controlling committee?    

If EVERY ‘EU citizen’ was not given that kind of opportunity to participate in the election of office-bearers and the formulation of policies, then it is simply a GREAT BIG LIE to claim that the3million are ‘representing the EU citizens living in the UK…‘ .

How many individual members does the3million actually have?

Well, they have held some meetings and got 200 people to attend the one in Bristol last year.

But overall? The easiest way to show support for a cause is to join its Facebook page ( unless, like me, you’re banned from Facebook for posting a link that exposed an Islamist atrocity)

So how many ‘EU citizens’ have signed up to their

Foto Sampul




That was a fortnight ago, when last I got a chance to have an un-banned friend to look it up.

Alas, that was about all we could find, because it is otherwise CLOSED to British people who might be curious about arrogant aliens in their midst who abuse the British Government as ‘pathetic…’



….whilst flaunting a sense of entitlement which would not be out of place from one of those uppity beggars who used to roam King’s Cross Station in London (and maybe still do!)

It may be true that Mrs. May’s proposals are “neither fair nor serious,” but that’s for British voters to say, not for a citizen of France, like Monsieur Nicolas Hatton, co-chair of the3million!

Or would it be more fair and serious to call his outfit the31071

And the31071 seek to tell their host-nation off, not just about Theresa, but about the sheer inadequacy of all migration statutes, or, as the foreigners prefer, the “notoriously difficult and unfair UK immigration law.”

How dare they lecture their hosts?

What arrogant guests!

I am actually sympathetic to civilised Continentals living in the UK – especially those lap-dancers!

But not to pretentious prattlers who multiply their number from the reality of thirty thousand to a hundred times that figure!