Dateline – Lying BBC’s Anti-Trump Jihad!

As promised when yesterday was dawning and the Jakarta sunshine was getting hotter by the minute…

 …I did catch up with Dateline…


…a gibber-show that exemplifies not only the BBC’s left bias but also once famously featured its then host openly lying when he told us…


‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

…that their bias was down to their inability to locate guests with views not in tune with their rotten management’s  ideology.

And today’s edition was no different.

There was a token dissenter, a London Times hack named Ian Martin. The Times is seen as a ” Conservative’ paper, and Martin has claimed he voted to leave the EUSSR.

But his churlish anti-Trumpery on Dateline suggested he too was carefully selected. Almost the first words out of Martin’s mouth consisted of a lament that the ‘bad news is that Trump is coming to Britain.’

Compared to a ghastly Arab bint, however, Martin couldn’t help but come across as ‘moderate.’

Nabila Ramdani is a creature of nightmare, an Algerian whose cliched outbursts about callous Israel (‘war-crimes‘) being a colonialist entity, ruled by a far-right hawk, would make her an ideal employee of Al Jazeera.

But why does she get a propaganda platform in a civilised country’s tax-funded state TV?

She also had a go at India’s PM Modi, who apparently had the sheer nerve to visit Israel this month. Modi, by his friendly treatment of the Jews, ‘wants to humiliate Muslims around the world.’

Go figure – the woman’s incapable of seeing anything except through a sectarian lens.

That’s probably why she’s a favoured BBC invitee – we spotted her fanaticism in May.

BBC’s Bitter Bias – A Megaphone For Left-Bigot Smears! 

     nabila ramdani

We also had to expose her evil back in January 2015…

Nasty Nabila, BBC’s Shariah Star, On Charlie’s ‘Consequences!’

So you can check her out and wonder at the BBC’s audacity in brining such a bigot back again and again.

Guests 3 and 4 were a Yank named Henry Chu, who is a former ‘star’ of the left-liberal LA. Times, now with Variety magazine, who ‘reassured’ the others that California was not following the President’s line and who reckons that America can’t afford Trump policies…


BBC’s Dateline panel weighted 4-0 against The Donald


..and an Indian named Asis Ray. He apparently knows a lot about cricket but Ray evidently thinks President Trump ‘doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.’ 

And Ray does?

Such a view, if expressed by one or two of the four guests would be quite in order- the point of such talk-shows is to get a balanced cross-section of views.

As usual, BBC failed to make any effort to get even ONE pro-Trump guest – there are plenty of British and foreign residents in the UK who would have been happy to oblige.