Evergreen, Ever Lower – TLC For Millennial Morons!

Mass expulsions may be the obvious answer for Evergreen University’s millennial morons,  as suggested here not long ago…


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Racist Tantrums At Evergeen College – Expel The Brats! 

….but there surely needs to be a concomitant purge of the ‘adult’ staff.

There cannot be any place in an institution of higher education for a gutless klutz like Evergreen’s interim provost, Ken Tabbutt…


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…. who has been exposed as urging professors to go easy on the red scumbags in their classes, because some imbecilic undergrads may be wearied after diverting “time and energy from their academic work to promote institutional change and social justice…”



Maybe brain-transplants from deceased lab rats might be a more effective way to remedy what Tabbutt describes as ‘the physical and emotional commitment the students have made..”



Evergreen student showing physical and emotional commitment?


Oh, yeah?

And the profs should consider accommodations for that effort, including learning that is going on outside of your program.”

Given what we have already reported, and what the National Review report reveals of the extent of social and mental handicap among the student body…

‘Shut the f— up, was how they addressed one of their professors who had incurred their displeasure


I’d say a good old-fashioned shariah-style flogging might be in order for the immature foul-mouths.

As for Tabbutt and any professors who might be prepared to overlook clear evidence of cretinism in their students’ home-work, perhaps a dose of long-term unemployment might provide them with useful insights into how people with real problems have to live.