Theresa May’s True Colours? London Shame!



Theresa May released a message praising London for sending out a “proud and positive message to the world.”

Pride 2017: London sends out ‘proud and positive message


Bright colours below, highlighting a black day for UK!



The BBC for the past 24 hours has been positively slobbering over the public manifestation of almost all forms of sexual maladjustment in London yesterday.

Perhaps the least offensive image so far was two old poofters crowing about how, since decriminalisation of sodomite activity fifty years ago, anybody can do anything they like.

I wonder if any of the queers emulated the offensive displays seen at Toronto ‘Pride’ mincing days…

Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

…but even if they did, it would not appear on this blog. 


Hasil gambar untuk nauseating


The legal change 50 years ago actually DID allow queers to do their stuff, but…


Had they been content with that, few people would care what bizarre antics they engaged in.



There was surely no way even those MPs who voted for that ‘change’ could have foreseen that, by the new millennium, there’d a mob of deviants flaunting their aberrations in public, mincing in their thousands through the streets of London.

Damn you, Theresa May, for blighting up the Houses of Parliament. You’ll get precious little thanks from those to whom you crawled.

Theresa May booed during speech at Pride in London