Three Cheers For The Red Ensign!

More ‘news’ from Canada today, with a report on how our glorious Red Ensign has got a pack of pinko creeps fretting.

Some agitprop outfit calling itself ‘Anti-Racist Canada’ is in a tizzy because of the growing popularity of the Red Ensign among extremist groups…


Gambar terkait


One of their creepy spokespersons reckons this is down to the fact that they view the flag that flies in Canada today as an abomination representing multiculturalism and diversity.

Well, if the cap fits…

I treat the current flag with respect because Canadians have fought and died beneath it.


Flying side by side at the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France


But I could never love it, because I can never forget nor forgive that Canadians were no more consulted on the replacement of their flag than they were on the imposition of the grotesque ideology of multiculturalism.




I was in Canada during the flag debate and the prime minister of the time, Lester Pearson, refused point-blank to put the fate of the Red Ensign to a referendum.

J. Waldo Monteith MP was our local representative during that furious parliamentary battle –  I was just a youngster then but was familiar with the great man because our families were related by marriage.

Mr. Monteith looked like a serious politician  – SO unlike Pretty Boy Turdo


He certainly spoke for the great majority of his Perth County ( Ontario)  constituents with his blunt retort when Pearson arrogantly called on the Opposition to knuckle under and abandon the campaign to keep Canada’s beloved Red Ensign flying.

‘You must be nuts!’  .

My old Red Ensign T-shirt had gotten somewhat threadbare over the years, so for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration last week, I had a new one made at a little shop in Jakarta’s below Blok M Terminal.



Notice it’s for Dominion Day, which was what the national holiday was called until 1982, another change perpetrated purely out of cultural spite against Canada’s origins. .

Nobody looked askance as I mingled in friendly fashion with the other guests, though I had to explain it to my young Indonesian companions. Perhaps many of the younger Canadians too didn’t recognise the good old banner either.

But one guy in his thirties, a Vancouver fellow of Chinese ethnic origin who arrived with his family at the same time we did, at once smiled and approached to offer his congratulations.

Which anecdotally makes the point which rational people already understand.

The Red Ensign does not denote ‘racism’ – it simply stands for the Dominion of Canada, which was united in loyalty to the Crown and the democratic heritage, the independence, bestown by the British North America Act.

That heritage was irreparably damaged by Turdo Senior with his damnable Charter…


Two of a kind


… and it’s not surprise to note that today we have to read how his ghastly son is using that constitutional monstrosity to justify rewarding Killer Khadr.