Glorious 12th, But British Ulster Faces Vicious Media War!

…the difficulty for unionists here in Northern Ireland is that any government in London, even a Tory one, acts as honest broker between unionism and nationalism, whereas all Irish governments act as guarantors for nationalists.  

Sinn Féin denies seeking ‘cultural supremacy’ via Irish Language Act  

That’s a quote from a Belfast councillor which sums up the essentially iniquitous basis of the Bad Friday deal.

Dublin supports the disloyal dregs of Ulster’s population, monsters like Blood-Beast Adams…


– Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’  –

=….but London refuses to take the side of the decent majority who are proud to proclaim allegiance to Queen and Country.


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In London, alas, there’s long been an utterly perverted mind-set on display.



Why would any government choose to play the role of impartial referee between patriotism and treason?

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen unprecedented vilification of Ulster’s British loyalty, not from mainland media alone but even in Australia!

There, a creature named Greg Sheridan descended to unusual levels of insult, decrying the DUP as ‘gargoyles‘ who represent shocking sectarian bigotry, ­violence, connivance in extra-­judicial killing and official discrimination.


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 May’s future bound to Ulster gargoyles


Sheridan’s not some slobbering IRA fan in a back-street Sydney bar, but the Foreign News Editor of The Australian, one of the country’s largest newspapers.



Make no mistake, it’s the DUP that’s named, but the object of Sheridan’s hate is the traditional British values to which Ulster holds firm.

But he’s not alone in peddling bitter partisan bias.

Tories form ‘coalition of terror’ with notorious DUP bigots

That’s from the Green Left Weekly and this… 

The Tories are forming a coalition with a party backed by terrorists

 …is from The Independent!


One expects no better from Greens…


…nor from the far-left Independent.

But counter-attack is essential!

So on this Glorious 12th July we need to recognise our duty to spread the word, that Ulster’s Brits, more so than any Brits, anywhere else, have shown steely loyalty, despite back-stabs and disparagement from all over the realm to which they’ve shown that loyalty.


Compared to fans of terrorism like Corbyn, and to the likes of Theresa U-Turn May, nay, compared to most any mainland politician you can name, our kith and kin in Ulster are truly the…


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God Save Ulster.

Enjoy the Glorious Twelfth!