‘Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy!

I just read a CfM bulletin and am glad I took a rest today after a fine farewell drink with Canada-bound buddy last night.



Otherwise I’d not be up to the outraged rant required at the news from London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan has apparently issued a fatwa outlawing the traditional English courtesy of addressing members of the public as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen.’


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The ban is part of a mayoral proscription of the any gendered language. 

And why has Sadiq suddenly leapt into censorious action?

His escalation of the PC war on normality came after some ‘transsexual‘ freak was was told “[you] didn’t sound like a ‘miss’” by a telephone operator at Transport for London.

Presumably the freak doesn’t look like a ‘miss’ either but fortunately we’re spared a photo of  the thing.

But there’s one aspect of this news that is even more bizarre than the thing that complained.

Khan has been scheming to implement this ban at least since last year! London mayor Sadiq Khan wants to scrap ‘ladies and gentlemen’

So why now?

Was ‘Miss’ Thing part of an orchestrated scenario to give Khan his excuse to abolish civilities?

He’s rather nifty at exploiting any opportunity at all to advance extremist agendas, as with his other neat trick of using the Grenfell fire to push for an amnesty for crimmigrants…[

So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 

…who rank way up high on the pinko priority list, more or less on a par with sexual maladjusts.

But who knows?

The main things is – will the Conservative Government fold or fight back. On current form…

Theresa May’s True Colours? London Shame! 

…appeasement of abnormals is right ( or left) up Theresa’s street.  .