An Ugly Conspiracy? Witch-Hunt In South Africa!


That’s pretty much all one can say about the ridiculous hoo-ha in South Africa, where a shrill Twitter rabble have been hounding this beautiful young woman with the cumbersome name of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.


Miss South Africa


How come?

Because the lissom lass donned plastic gloves when handling food for the kids in an orphanage she went to on a goodwill visit.

Insanely, the chip-on-the-shoulder pack ululated – and who orchestrated such an outcry, one wonders…



…that she had donned the gloves because she didn’t want to touch black children!

Alas for the shrills, the orphanage staff say any insinuation that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is racist is “ridiculous.”

“Of course it wasn’t because she didn’t want to touch black children,” says Carol Dyantyi, a spokesperson for the Orlando West Community Centre Ikageng.


But mere facts aren’t going to get in the way of left-liberal hysteria.

Another report tells us that despite the clear refutation of the slur, the ratbags are still refusing to back off.


Look, NO gloves!

Even after the exculpatory photos of the beauty queen playing with the kids, her hands visibly gloveless… this gesture didn’t appease critics – and a hashtag #MissSAChallenge began trending as South Africans mocked the “hygiene” reasons Ms Nel-Peters had alleged.

Beauty queen wearing gloves at orphanage accused of racism


There’s no factual basis, as we can see with our own eyes,  and no rational basis either – she obviously wouldn’t take on the job of visiting an orphanage if she was going to abhor the children’s very touch! – so what is the explanation for this hateful witch-hunt?

These outbreaks cannot be ascribed merely to typical Twitter mass-hysteria.

Might it be a vast international conspiracy, directed by leftists out to foment racial ill-feeling by using incredibly jealous ugly women?

There have been indications of this elsewhere..

Benidorm’s ‘Death Threat’ Campaign For Pot-Ugly Bar-Maids!’ 

And for sure, we’ve seen some absolute leftist honkers active in far-flung countries, ranging from Melissa Click in the USA…


The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

…to Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-paramour in the UK, the outstandingly hyper-grotty Labour sour-puss Diane Abbott…


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 …so are the Twitter twits in South Africa, surely most of them just asinine uglies, being exploited by a global network  of far-left fanatics?

Who knows?

But we can be sure that anyone who suggests such a possibility will in turn be smeared, not as racist of course, but as…


Hasil gambar untuk sexist male chauvinist pig



Which in my case would certainly not be fair.

Many and oft a time have I included pictures of ugly men in my blog output!