Mad Sweden – Even Murderous Savages Don’t Get Deported!

…They are convicted of murder, wherein kidnapping was involved. They are also sentenced to pay damages to the plaintiffs. Deportation was requested for three of the people. …


….For two of them the deportation application was dismissed, but for the third who was sentenced to 14 years, the application was granted,” a Gävle District Court statement read.

That’s from a story in The Local this week, headlined…

Six convicted of murder in Swedish honour killing case

You can read the whole sordid saga –  – but you won’t find out whence these murderous savages came from.

And even more to the point – we have long known that Swedish courts don’t care when filthy aliens rape women or even young girls…

INSANITY – ‘Asylum’ Savages Brutally Rape Swede, Get TWO YEARS! 

Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

…but now we must conclude that even murder is not sufficient grounds for deportation.

God Save Sweden, because the courts there surely won’t.