Man Of The Year? Malta’s Vassallo, Defender of Decency!

Only ONE Maltese MP voted against the introduction of homo-weddings.


Edwin Vassallo: “People’s diverse opinions should all be respected, without compromising unity.” Photo: Chris Sant Fournier


A bit early to nominate somebody for Man of the Year?

Maybe, but there won’t be many nominees as  admirable as Maltese Ewin Vassallo, a Nationalist Party MP who defied his party’s sell-out to the local gaystapo.

And now that party is contemplating ‘disciplinary action’ against him –


– ‘the matter would be referred to the relevant party structures for their “consideration and decision.” 

Vassallo won’t resign, he says.

“I view the matter as a closed chapter. I made a decision according to my conscience,” he said, adding that his conscience had not allowed him to follow the party’s stance in favour of same-sex marriage…

Vassallo also made the point that that a lot of people did not agree with the new law.

A good point.

No chance of a referendum, because that could expose the essentially anti-democratic basis of the legislation

But even if we accept last year’s opinion poll… …there were at least a quarter of the Maltese population opposed to the equation of deviant menages with real marriage.


Did those thousands of voters not deserve AT LEAST one voice to speak for them in their country’s parliament?

“If someone wants to judge me by my beliefs, I will accept that. This is what tolerance is all about. You need to respect those who do not agree with you,” he said.

Hasil gambar untuk hero

That statement alone sums up why the gaystapo will never forgive this heroic parliamentarian.

They are strangers to tolerance, as we have seen by their relentless, vicious intimidation, all over the world…

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…against  those men and women who are brave enough to stand up to them.

Edwin Vassallo is a true hero.

We may not get a chance to make him Man of the Year, but at least we can send him a message of solidarity.

Sign the petition to the party leadership!

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