Shooting Red Nazi Antifa? Sense, NOT Shariah, Herr Klutz!

Just a few days ago, we made the point that if the police in Hamburg had been authorised to use fire-arms to take out a random sample of Red Nazi hoodlums who subjected Hamburg to a reign of terror last week…

Gambar terkait

Not just violence but arson and looting too…

Violent Reds Amok in Hamburg – 9 Cops Injured? Open Fire!

…., the Antifa animals would not be so keen on showing up next time.

I was going to say ‘to show their faces,’ but they don’t, do they?



Whether in America as above, or on the streets of Hamburg, as last weekend, the gutless red vermin skulk behind masks while engaging in violence and mayhem- and looting, which was a feature of their riot at G20.

But their criminality should not distract us from their essential role as the storm-troops of cultural marxism.






So it was good to hear common sense being echoed in Germany itself, with a provincial parliament legislator named Christel Weißig, of the German patriot party, the AfD….

….posting some wise words on her Facebook pages.

“Looters are shot immediately, why is that not the case here?”


But before we cheer, hang on! Christel somewhat let the side down by deleting the post a few hours later.


 Hasil gambar untuk mecklenburg Afd Christel Weissig

And sad to say, her AfD colleagues instead of echoing her sound sentiments, issued a soppy statement, viz.-

 Weißig had reacted emotionally to the riots in her hometown. “Using an exaggerated question, she wanted to draw attention to the fact that the state is powerless in the face of such inhumane violence.”

What the Hell is wrong with those Mecklenburg AfD people? Weissig’s reaction must have resonated with millions of decent Germans.  Around 200 cops were injured, some very grievously, by the red vermin, so why not shoot the scum?

One expects pussy-footing prigs like Mama Stasi Merkel’s local side-kick, Lorenz Caffier, to spout drip-speak.

Get this hogwash!

Caffier accused the AfD of seeking to introduce “sharia methods.”




Does Caffier even know what ‘shariah’ is?

It’s a code of ‘law’ exalted by Islamists, , and its best known aspects concern how women are to be subjugated. It includes stuff like polygamy, unfair inheritance rules…



… and is the source of all the iniquitous head-shrouding etc. discriminatory fatwas which apply to women but not to men.

I don’t know if there’s anything in shariah about properly constituted police forces dealing effectively with filthy communist thugs who commit crimes against people and property. If so, then it clearly has some saving graces.

But Herr Klutz Caffier is just a dummkopf to compare the AfD lady’s Facebook post to the alien code.

His name rang a bell and sure enough he’s been on our blog before, also for talking rot.

German In-Crowd Running Scared – And Lying! 

And I hope German voters in their federal election in September will remember what manner of mediocrities make up the Merkelite sell-out party.



As for AfD, their leader Beatrix Von Storch was quite right two years ago when she said border guards should open fire on crimmigrants gate-crashing her country’s sovereign frontiers.

They stood by her then and should not have distanced themselves from Christel’s clarion call.

inlstatement read.

Other state-level politicians.

were outraged by the remark. The state’s interior minister Peter Caffier (of the Christian Democrats)