A Counter-Killer Khadr Initiative – Please Read And Help!

There can be NO decent Canadian, no patriot in any country, who was not filled with a unique blend of disgust and dismay and fury…



…when that contemptible cur Justin Turdo refused to wait for any legal ruling and just handed $10.5 million dollars to an equally contemptible cur, Killer Khadr…



….the blood-stained beast who took up arms against Canada’s allies and murdered an American soldier in Afghanistan.

Now we have news of a positive response…



…a fund-raiser for Khadr’s victim’s children.

Any of you, anywhere, can contribute any amount.

Canadians who do contribute can, to some small extent, seek to mitigate the damage done by Turdo to Canada’s good name.

Here you are.


By now you’ve heard about the $10.5 million payment that Liberal Canadian prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave to confessed terrorist Omar Khadr.

Meanwhile, the real victims, the Speer family get nothing.

But I want to change that and I need your help. We want to help the Speer family once again. So we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to try and raise one million dollars for the Speer children who were left fatherless by Khadr.