Canada's Media Creeps Censor Boos For Turdo!

The crass dishonesty of the Canadian media was exposed in Calgary at the weekend.



The Calgary Stampede is one of the Dominion’s great annual events. I attended it more years ago than I care to remember. It was great fun then and I imagine still is.

Naturally, it gets a lot of media attention.

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Yet, so far as I can see so far, apart from the Calgary Herald, none of those media made mention of the perfectly understandable unpopularity of Pretty Boy, whose handsome reward to the jihadist terror beast Killer Khadr this month has affronted every decent Canadian.


Disown Turdo’s Apology To Killer Khadr! Sign Here! 

Don’t applaud the Calgary Herald too soon, though!

The integrity of their editorial slugs can be measured by the headline they chose for their report on the event.

Trudeau delights Stampede-goers with rodeo visit

Anyone who reads on, after that display of sycophancy, needs to have persistence enough to get more than halfway through before they stumble across the boos!


And one of the leftist hacks employed by that paper immediately took to Twitter to condemn the expression of public distaste for the creep!



Need we say more?