EurocRat V Polish Democracy – Nasty Nils Rants Again!

Nils Muiznieks, the human rights commissioner at the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, said on Thursday that a new law that increases political control over judges is a “major setback for judicial independence.”

This American-born pinko creep’s name will ring a bell among some of our readers.


Nasty Nils


He has been derided here for assailing little Slovenia when  it dared take modest steps to control crimmigration…

Best Tell Nasty Nils To Get Stuffed! 

…and he has also had a fatuous rant at France where he reckons the anti-terrorist state of emergency is a ‘threat to democracy.

You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France! 

But what else can we expect from a Sorosoid?

I append below a extract from that previous post.


Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.

His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice…see


So what have those outrageous Poles done now?

They’ve passed a bill on Wednesday that gives lawmakers a role in choosing members of the National Judiciary Council, the body that nominates judges.


Democratise the judiciary?

Is there no end to their iniquity!

What can possibly be wrong with the unreformed system that currently exists in Polish courts where members are currently chosen by sitting judges.

Judges should surely be a self-perpetuating elite. Democratically elected legislators should surely have no say in who sits in judgement over citizens.

I won’t bother to remind American readers that each and every American federal judge requires Senate approval.

Born in LA, Nasty Nils maybe formed his hostility to such democratic in-put during his kindergarten years.

Moreover,  don’t discount NN’s antipathy towards moves to protect people from the pestilential presence of illegals and terrorists!

That’s an antipathy he shares with various rogue judges in the USA, who think they are above the law, defying democracy and obstructing President Trump on those matters.

It may be that The Donald’s nomination of a patriot Supreme Court Justice, and the Senate’s exercise of its role in ratifying that nomination, have put Nasty Nils’ into an even frettier mood than usual.

How dare the Poles think they have any right to emulate their big transatlantic ally?

Hoe dare they enact any similar say by elected representatives to prevent subversives donning judicial robes?