If Rome Can Send Us Savages, So Can Paris Or Madrid!

My attention was drawn by a commenter to this disturbing piece of news….

Italy may grant temporary EU visas to 200000 migrants

Maybe they will or maybe they won’t, but nobody has yet said they can’t.

So let’s posit how other countries within the Evil Empire…



…could employ such a tactic.

If despatching illegals to wherever they want to go, simply by issuing visas, is an acceptable weapon to wield, can we not envisage Muppet Macron solving his Calais crimmigrant problem thereby.

Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

There are thousands of savages prowling the French coast and countryside, slobbering for UK welfare benefits. 

And if Macron could do that, what might cross the minds of ministers in Madrid, as a means of pressuring Britain to sell out Gibraltar?

There are thousands of semi-feral illegals…


Gambar terkait

…. in Spain already, eager to plunder the public purse of healthier economies, e.g. the UK.


All the stuff of nightmare?

At the moment, yes.

But the longer it takes Theresa May’s government to get out  from under Brussels, the more the nightmare is to becoming a clear and present danger.