Media Bias – Polish President ‘Widely Regarded As A Puppet?’

Just got back from my fave West Jakarta warteg



…a great filling meal for $1.50, and have been listening to France24’s lunchtime propaganda show, aka ‘News.’

They had one of their hacks, called Gulliver Cragg, broadcasting from Warsaw.


Gambar terkait

France 24’s biased hack Cragg


It was the usual pinko guff about how the democratically elected majority in the Sejm (parliament) has upset the Euro-Commissars by trying to reform the judiciary.



We have covered some of this before…

EurocRat V Polish Democracy – Nasty Nils Rants Again! 

…but the blatant bias of France24’s Lugenpresse lackey was epitomised with this throw-away line about President Andrzej Duda…

…who is widely regarded as a puppet… 



A People’s President! Poles To Vote On Crimmigrant Quotas! 


Widely regarded as a puppet? 



Unless Gulliver meant to say that the President of Poland is widely disliked by all Europe’s left-liberal media-creeps! 


Duda was elected in a free and fair election.

He has shown himself to be a true patriot, as was reported some time ago.

Duda said he would likely organise a referendum on whether to take refugees if Brussels kept insisting that Poland takes them against its will.

The vote could take place in autumn 2019, together with Polish general elections.

France24 ought to rein in this biased leftist Cragg.

But they won’t.

They are just as much part of the Brussels lap-dog crew as DW and the BBC, serving the same anti-Polish agenda we’ve seen too much of before.

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