Kensington Tories! Don’t Lie Back, Just Think Of England!

This Wednesday, the Tory members of Chelsea and Kensington’s beleaguered council will face a challenge…

…to bow down to pro-crimmigrant agitators or to vote against a call for Turn-Coat Theresa – ( see –May Cops Out – A Grenfell Crimmigrant Amnesty!  ) – to go even further than the outrageous ‘temporary 12-month immigration ‘amnesty’ for illegals flushed out by the Grenfell Fire.,

All the usual suspects are piling in, people like Nick Harvey, spokesman for the notorious ‘Doctors of the World,’



Harvey tells us that lawless aliens “seem to have gone under the radar.”

No doubt any residents of the affected property  wanted for rape, or murder, or other crimes, are also staying ‘under the radar,’ because if they surfaced they’d be arrested and prosecuted and face punishment for their criminal activity.

Would Harvey want an amnesty for them too?

We have made this point before!

So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 




The criminal class surely includes illegal immigrants, especially if they have been leeching off the public purse by occupying public housing…

…which is meant to be used for honest Brits in need of accommodation..

It’s scandalous such wasters are getting a free pass, for 12 months of any amount of time, but in Kensington’s borough HQ we have this interesting person…


Cllr Robert Thompson





Robert Thompson


…socialist councillor Robert Thompson,  who bleats emotively that –

He is trying to use such bleeding-heart hogwash to embarrass the Conservative majority on the Kensington Council, if they’re mugs enough to let him.

Thompson has told the Observer:

“It’s a motion that will put the Tory group at odds with their own government but it is something that they should do…



Comrade Thompson is clearly pro-crimmigrant, but tries to put a rational gloss on his leftist prejudice with seemingly defensible arguments.

…you are potentially losing the number of eyewitnesses that could be there…

Curious contrast there, with the rabid Guardian hack who objected to too much info getting out…

Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

… but …

Get real!

Illegal immigrants are ipso facto dishonest.

They are inveterate liars. If they were honest, they’d have applied for visas or work permits or whatever, as honourable people do when wishing to enter somebody else’s country.

What possible value would their testimony contribute to any enquiry?

But Thompson’s real reasoning is clearer with this other quote.

…it’s about making sure that people are able to access the provisions that the government has put in place…”


Illegals accessing tax-paid provisions?


I hope the Tories on Wednesday have the backbone to stand up and tell Thompson and his fellow-reds that there are quite enough crimmigrants in Britain with their snouts dug deep in tax-funded troughs.