The Leftist Sexist Hypocrites of Reebok – Boycott!

As a former marathon runner -London, New York, Helsinki and Belfast (twice)…


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  • ….I have never understood why people waste so much money on fancy/fashionable running shoes like Reeboks!

  • You can get functional, comfortable footwear that serve you well for much less, and if you’re running, the last thing you should be thinking about is how trendy you look.

  • Now Reebok have produced an ad aimed at pinko retards who probably run with two left feet….


…on the theme of chatting up women, or not.

As you see, it’s a brain-dead jibe at President Trump’s complimentary remark when he met Mrs. Macron.

I had a debate with a pinko pal a few days ago, who was HORRIFIED when I observed that I would certainly praise women in such terms.

Paying tribute to beauty never does, nor has done ( in my experience) any harm to existing or potential relationships.

You may or may not agree.

However, it ill becomes some shoe-maker to start lecturing us on whom we may or may not chat up, especially when they are simply trying to score points with simpletons who dislike The Donald!


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And they deserve a boycott all the more because they are absolute hypocrites, pandering to us terrible sexists with this ad!

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I don’t see anything wrong with showcasing a near-naked woman sporting its shoes (see below.)

But as National Review’s Ericka Andersen notes it’s not exactly the picture of an anti-misogynistic ring leader!

And looking for more Reebok advertisements, I found this one  – which is pretty nasty!


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Strangely, Ms. Andersen says she will continue to buy and wear Reeboks.

WHY? They’re nothing special!

As I said above, I never have used them, so can hardly boycott them any more than I do already!

But if we want to send them a message, boycott is the best way – and tell them you’re going to, too, until they apologise and promise to keep politics out of their adverts….

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….otherwise they won’t know why some sales are lost.