Snakes On A Plane? Rat-Bags Obstruct Deportation!

I wonder if they were millennials?

Passengers on Barcelona flight stage protest against deportation of migrant

That was my immediate response to The Local edition about how half a dozen obnoxious renegade Spaniards on a Barcelona-Dakar flight staged a protest in solidarity with a Senegalese migrant who was brought on board in handcuffs.

Okay, I know there are plenty of good young patriots in every country, but millennials have, in so much of the Western world, shown themselves to be reptilian subversives…

Hasil gambar untuk brexit millennials

Reptilian subversives


…like the wretches in the above photo, that I have come to harbour a degree of prejudice against them, especially the callow nits pictured in entitlement whine-mode back in The Old Country…


Gambar terkait


…bleating about how their parents and/or grandparents had ‘stole their future’ by voting for freedom in the Brexit referendum.

No wonder there’s been a new name coined for millennials, apparently BY millennials!

Calling themselves snakes at least indicates a modicum of self-awareness.


However…back to Barcelona, where there was a happy ending.

 Although the leftist scumbags’ refusal to take their seats caused a late take-off, over two hours behind schedule, Guardia Civil were called in…eventually the plane took off…with the Senegalese on board for repatriation, but without the six protesting passengers who were banned from the flight.

One hopes that these lousy trouble-makers were not just ‘banned from the flight.’

They should have been arrested, taken to jail and charged with the appropriate crime…



….Spain must have a local equivalent of ‘disorderly conduct.’

Their names, moreover, should be circulated to every airline in Europe, better still the world, to make sure they never fly anywhere again.