ISIS Slags Were ‘Jealous’ Of Sex-Slaves?!? Hell Mend ‘Em!

Around noon Jakarta time I was busy making cheese on toast for brunch – no visitors today so had to cook for myself!

But meantime the BBC was still droning on, due more to my inertia than any fascination with the content.

Yet one piece caught my attention – an interview with one of the sicko slags who  -apparently quite voluntarily – had married one of the evil ISIS rape-gang.



The black-clad Nur seemed in no way penitent about her involvement with a satanic jihadist. Obviously the brood of children around her should be removed from her custody and control.

But then, incredibly, she told the BBC man that the ISIS wives did have one major grouse- they were jealous of the women their swinish consorts used as sex-slaves!

We know quite enough about the horrors inflicted on Yazidi and other female captives.


But no shred of pity in Nur’s black heart!

The fact that the brutes sometimes provided the slaves with better make-up than their actual spouses got was a PROBLEM!

I imagine that Islamist terrorists did the captives no such ‘favours’ out of kindness, but merely to enhance their own sexual ‘fun.’

By her whining, I’d say this foul slag Nur deserves a lot worse than losing her children.

And that brings me onto The Local’s report about a…

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

…Linda W. disappeared last year after apparently making contact with Isis members via internet messaging and reportedly converting to Islam.

No name? No photo?

Reminds me of another evil apostate, that dirty Danish bitch…


Hasil gambar untuk witch in burqa

Dimwit Dane Jury Gives Apostate Bitch A Slap On The Wrist 

…but what is truly shocking is that, instead of a quiet word to her Iraqi captors t make sure the traitrix disappears without trace, Merkel’s man in Baghdad is lending her a helping hand.

…she is receiving German consular assistance, said the prosecutor’s office in Dresden..

Nor is this the only case of German government servility towards rape-gang collaborators. The consular staff have visited FOUR mangy bints at Baghdad Airport.

…one of the four was of Moroccan origin and that another was believed to be of Chechen origin but had a German passport.



So what next, Mama Stasi, for your little demon-girls?

Free flights home and a comfy couch with some de-radicalisation counsellor?

Up against a wall…

…or a bullet in the back of the neck would be a lot cheaper.

And a hell of a lot more just.