BBC Hacks’ Immense Salaries – No Comment?

Who needs to comment, British readers?



UK Pravda was FORCED to reveal how much of your money they lavish on the hacks who peddle their propaganda. And propaganda it is, no mistake…


Liam Fox demands meeting with BBC over ‘negative’ Brexit stories

..Fox said he “could not recall a single time in recent times when I have seen good ­economic news that the BBC did not describe as ‘despite Brexit’”.

Fox said there was a “clear pattern of unbalanced reporting of the EU economy” by the BBC. He accused the corporation of ignoring annual foreign direct investment figures released by the Department for International Trade, despite receiving the data……


I only say I tend to agree with this Spectator article.

There is a simple solution.

If the BBC doesn’t like the idea of its presenters’ pay being divulged, it should give up the licence fee and fund itself commercially through a subscription fee, or raise it through sponsorship, advertising or some other form… 

Don’t fall for the BBC spin on presenters’ pay