Exposed! Traitor Media – The Lying German Lügenpresse!

A bit of honesty?

Or just another devious cover-up of the Lügenpresse


…the German term for the Lying Media we’re all familiar with in our own countries, whether it’s the BBC or the ABC, or the shameless subversives of CNN in the USA?


  • Delightfully, it turns out to be an honest report, something of a surprise from The Local, which we usually say is ‘aka The Leftal’ – so good for somebody there.

The report, which will be published on Monday, criticizes “the so-called mainstream media” for lining up behind Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policies, and for uncritically taking on “the slogans of the political elite.”


And it gets better…

Journalists used the slogan ‘Willkommenskultur’ (welcoming culture) to put moral pressure on citizens to contribute to the cause of supporting refugees, the study finds



People who criticized the government policy were treated by journalists as suspect and potentially racist. At the same time, the newspapers saw it as their role to educate such people on becoming better human beings, the study argues. ‘

Read it, please.


Such honesty in an academic analysis these days is a treat.