Fiumicino Fuming – ‘Asylum’ Slugs Scorn Honest Work!

‘Working for free is not what many migrants dream of…’


That was a France24 journo talking, about their news story from Fiumicino in Italy, not far from Rome, where a mere TWELVE of of over FIFTY ‘migrants’ have agreed ( it’s entirely voluntary!) to perform a bit of  community service…

Hasil gambar untuk honest toil

…like sweeping the streets, as a means of showing some gratitude to the Italian tax-payers. They also believe it can help their chances of getting ‘asylum.’

Astonishingly, a pinko berk associated with a so-called ‘NGO’ disapproves…




….and presumably reckons the idle sloths who prefer to lounge around on their ingrate butts or prowl aimlessly all day are displaying a more acceptable attitude.

Ingratitude among those who have made illegal incursions into Europe is hardly a novel phenomenon.

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But it’s that French hack’s words, above, that made me almost choke on my third black coffee this morning!

‘Working for free is not what many migrants dream of…’


Reality check  – these ‘migrants’ get FREE food, FREE lodging, and FREE MONEY, the infamous ‘pocket money’ which is not ‘free’ at all but is drained from Italian tax-payers’ pockets.



Lavishing freebies on these people is like waving a big banner on the Med shore-

‘Come One, Come All!’

Why the HELL shouldn’t they do a little honest work in return for this generous largesse?

It’s outrageous that the slugs ( NB – 70-80% of those in Fiumicino alone!)have the right to refuse!

Apart from being the honourable course, it might also serve to deter the most essentially parasitic intruders from setting sail form Libya!

In Bulgaria, in the same report, the same F24  reporter translates a comment for another ‘migrant’ there, that the accommodation is ‘unsatisfactory.’

So book into a hotel, parasite!


Amblehurst Hotel

Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.

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They could do exactly that if they head north!