‘Nothing?’ Poor Jakarta Councillors, On US$6K Per Month?

I’ve never attended a meeting of Jakarta City Council, so I cannot say whether or not the it’s fair that its elected members have been criticised for their ‘sluggish performance.’

Don’t make us get nothing: Speaker on Jakarta councilors’ allowance increase

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Jakarta City Hall


However, having among my circle of friends here numerous ordinary Jakarta citizens, I am qualified to say that their wages are very low and do not permit them to enjoy many  – if any – luxuries.

Jakarta councillors, in contrast, get to go on lots of nice trips, at least one of which we’ve reported on in the past.

“I have to dig into my own pocket just to buy souvenirs!” Third World Politician 

Ahok did his best to curb such jolly outings..

Ayo, Ahok! Yummy Junket Blocked – An Example For ALL ‘City Fathers,’ Worldwide! 

…but I rather think the habit is hard to break!

I’ll bet too that none of them live in the humble dwellings that many ordinary Jakartans inhabit.


Many people sleep under bridges and fly-overs too


So I tend to think that the loud bleating noise from Council Speaker Prasetyo Edi Marsudi about how the increase in allowances that he and is colleagues are demanding, ‘is a form of appreciation for their hard work,’ may not be music to their ears.


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“Don’t make us get nothing, we have worked hard by, among other things, producing bylaws,” Prasetio said at City Hall on Monday as quoted by kompas.com. 



I am reliably informed that they are already getting SOMETHING!

Indeed, according to the JP their current allowance is ‘among the highest in the country.’ 

The council speakers currently receive around Rp 95 million (US$7,125) per month, while members receive around Rp 75 million per month.

Poor Mr. Prasetyo!

I had to go out early today to the local (not the city centre) council offices, and just got back.

On my journey to and fro, I exchanged ‘good mornings’ with a very pretty maid, two security guards, and a lady street-sweeper.

That kind of remuneration, I dare say, is beyond their wildest dreams.

But it’s all a matter of perspective.

And opinion.

Who does more for the community?