Das Darfst DU Nicht! Perchtoldsdorf Defends Its Girls!

Das darfst Du nicht!

Or in English, in words made famous via a great country hit by George Hamilton IV …


“…You Just Better Not Do That”


Can’t help but applaud any move to protect decent women from alien savages!



But at the same time, we can’t help but yet again deplore the insanity of the effete politicians whose refusal to expel those aliens has obliged even small towns like Perchtoldsdorf, near Vienna, to post signs targeted at migrants telling them not to grope women or enter the female changing room.



Hasil gambar untuk perchtoldsdorf


Christian Hoebart, one of the FPO patriot party’s stalwarts, has said it’s regrettable that signs like this are being put up around the pool as a consequence of the mass immigration of completely uneducated and culturally alien people?”


It was the Coalition government that let them in.

Now the ‘conservative’ party in that coalition, the OVP, has broken with their SPO socialist partners and, under a new leader, is making a lot of patriotic noise in the run-up to parliamentary elections.

Austria’s Kurz – Patriot Hero Or Just Another Theresa May? 

Pity the noises weren’t heard before, along with action to stop the invaders.


It’s up to Austrian voters to decide if they back the OVP or choose the FPO, which has been solidly and vociferously campaigning against the blight for years.