Media-Democrat Party Will Freak-Out Over Freak Ban!

What brilliant news to round off the day!



Donald Trump’s declaration that no more trannies will be recruited into the USA Armed Services is a serious challenge to the ”LGBT” gaystapo agenda.

Rest assured, tantrums will be thrown by the Media-Democrat Party and there will be stamping of many little feet that are much more used to mincing!



Trump’s wise move is being justified on grounds of cost, and of course the large amount of  tax-dollars splurged on the genital mutilation of Obama’s fave traitor…


Breaking – Obama Commutes Traitor Freak’s Sentence 


…Bradley Manning ( let’s not be silly and call the thing ‘Chelsea’) was a disgraceful waste and such misuse of public funds should never be allowed again.

But really the ban ought to be defended on grounds of a commitment to decent traditional American values.


And there should be an appropriate measure of compassion shown.

If any current ‘transgenders’ genuinely seek psychiatric treatment and are convincingly cured of their sexual maladjustment, their applications to serve should be given fair consideration.


Trump Says Transgender People Can’t Serve In Military