The Stop Blair Campaign!?! Gotta be Good!

Some people just naturally inspire loathing, especially turncoats like Tony Bliar, who once stood up for independence, and declared his belief that the UK should get out of the EUSSR.




Many of us can never forgive his collusion with the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang, which resulted in the Bad Friday Deal.

And now he has put himself forward as the champion of those renegade forces working to undermine the democratic decision of the British people in last year’s Brexit referendum.

So naturally we are pleased to give you information about an appealing new venture from…


Stop Blair Campaign launched

Fed up of whinging remoaners continuing to do the UK down whilst trying to scupper the chances of a full, clean Brexit?

Annoyed at the BBC and other ‘news’ channels / papers that look to ignore and distort the good news that has happened since the Brexit vote?

Well, here’s your chance to fight back.

The Better Off Out campaign today launches the Stop Blair Campaign. This aims to tackle the negativity of Blair, Osborne and co by distributing ‘000s of leaflets across the UK.

We are aiming for an initial target of £50,000 to help us kick-start our leafleting efforts and fight back against the powers of gloom that are dominating news outlets at the moment.

To help, go to our donations page and give. We need as much help as we can to tackle the global organisations of Blair and co (along with their money pots). The more money you give, the more we can do. In the run up to last year’s referendum, we printed and distributed many millions of leaflets. Now the time has come to reboot, reframe and win it all again.


Sounds like a worthy cause!  If you have a few quid to spare, don’t forget the Stop Blair Campaign  .