Turdistanada Nixes Condemnation Of Barbaric Practices!

Holding my nose, I waded into the online pages of The Huffington Post today, and was briefly tempted to write at length about one of their articles, entitled –

 Justin Trudeau Has Always Been Hot...



…and point out that, ultimately, once he’s met his Maker,  Traitorous Turdo will be VERY HOT indeed!



  • But instead I decided to focus on THIS headline…


Liberals’ New Citizenship Guide Scraps ‘Barbaric’ Practices Warning…

…In the draft version, the reference to barbaric cultural practices is gone, as is the inclusion of getting a job as one of the responsibilities of citizenship.



What a warm, even ‘hot,’ welcome for work-shy Wahhabists!

It’s really quite hard to discuss this malign move without resorting to even more abusive vocabulary than I am wont to deploy against the deplorable creature.

I suppose I could say he’s worse than his father…

Turdeau and Terrorism – Like Father, Like Son? 


…that is, after all, as bad as can be!

But I’ve deemed it wiser to leave it to my readers to opine as they will.

If anyone has NOT got an opinion, please feel free to peruse Turdo’s record as previously covered here…


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..and then give us your in-put!