Pakistan Rapists – If ‘Jirga’ Jerks Guilty, Kill Them!

So this morning, a brief look at Pakistan, never a cheerful experience…

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…but needful nevertheless.



“If there were any justice in the panchayat, they should have shot the rapist. Why punish an innocent girl instead?”

Pakistani village elders arrested for ordering ‘revenge rape’ of 16-year-old girl

That was the statement made by a previous victim of the jirga system of ‘justice’ in Pakistan, and she’s spot on!

I provide the link, above, to a reasonably concise but informative report…



…on how a group of filthy savages in that hellish country declined to punish a rapist but chose instead to force a totally innocent girl to undergo the horrific ordeal of ‘revenge rape.’

We know that Pakistan is a stranger to religious liberty and that many of the mangy fanatics there, like many mangy fanatics insanely allowed into civilised countries…



…are perfectly at ease with the idea of putting to death both ‘apostates’ and ‘blasphemers…’


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…who should, of course, be free to express their views as they wish.

Most of us, certainly British and American majorities, have no problem with the principle of the death penalty…


…it’s applied to those who deserve it – terrorists, violent sex predators and traitors, to name but three categories.


But not if it’s a tool to curb critics of creeds.

This latest outrage, however, is simply beyond the pale.

Some of the jirga jerks have been arrested, but previous cases – that involving the girl we quoted above, for example…

…six men were convicted and sentenced to death later that year, though five of them were later freed on appeal.

(NB, and THAT sixth pig had his sentence commuted to life!


…indicate justice is just as rare a commodity in Pakistan as religious liberty!

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I can see NO reason why ANY Western aid should continue to flow to Pakistan.