Hamburg Savage Should NOT Have Been In Germany!

Amid unconfirmed reports that the man shouted “Allahu akhbar”, Arabic for “God is great” while attacking people….



…Police said they were still seeking to confirm his current nationality. Mr Sholz said he was a failed asylum seeker.

Latest report says the beast is from the UAE.

Olaf Sholz is Mayor of Hamburg, where the latest Merkel-Land alien atrocity occurred.


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Olaf Scholz


As a leading member of the pro-crimmigrant SPD, this ardent Socialist would be unlikely to admit the true status of the Arab unless he knew it would soon be public and irrefutable knowledge.



Those three words tell us that the man now in custody had claimed to be a ‘refugee’ and his claim had been proven a lie.

Yet only a week ago, Mama Stasi Merkel told us, and more importantly told Germans, that she was NOT prepared…

Wann Wird Mama Je Versteh’n? Noch Ein Dolchstoss! 

…to put ANY limit on the number of such claimants getting into their country, no limit on the flow of liars pretending to be poor desperate refugees…


…poor, desperate and clearly deserving migrant seeking peace and safety…? Hungary kept that violent savage out of Europe.

But in Merkel-Land..?

…whose bona fides might or might not be valid, whose status would NOT be clarified until AFTER they got in, and then, if disproven, would NOT be kept in detention even after Merkel’s bureaucrats finally got round to declaring them ineligible for ‘asylum.’

Her more accurately ‘poor, desperate’ police would then, as now, NOT be allowed to hold them until deportation.

Like the Berlin truck-terrorist…


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…they can roam freely, nursing their sectarian wrath to keep it warm, until an opportunity to kill and maim presents itself.

If the lying lawless were deemed to be in ‘danger’ back where they belong, they’d NOT be deported AT ALL.



Tough on Germans, who, like the Hamburg shoppers, are obviously in REAL danger and whose safety is the first duty of any German Government.