NB Team Brexit! Brussels’ Swiss Lackeys War Down Democracy!

I try not to write at immense length, although if you go back to my early blogging days, you’ll see I used to succumb frequently to that temptation.


However, this article from Spiked.com will give you a good Sunday morning read, which many Brits, if I remember right, DO enjoy very much, in between munching on buttery toast and slurps of coffee.

Even in Switzerland, the EU erodes democracy
How Swiss leaders use the EU to weaken popular sovereignty.

It’s common for Brexiteers to single out Switzerland as the most democratic country in Europe…



…and how the UK could learn from its position vis-a-vis the EUSSR.

But that Swiss democracy would be overnight erased  were it ever foolish enough to  surrender its sovereignty to the Brussels Evil Empire.

And worse, by legislative pandering to the Euro-Commissars, the parliament in Berne is selling out their nation’s heritage of self-determination.



Liar Juncker was actually telling the truth when he warned EUSSR-ruled nation-states not to think for one moment that they had any right to determine their own futures.



The Spiked piece gives an interesting perspective on the Swiss situation – enjoy reading it if you will.